I saw Winter Soldier

Was it good? Yes. Especially the first twenty minutes where all you’re seeing is Cap’n Rogers being a speedy force of ass-whooping. I can really see where people were drawing parallels with Jason Bourne. The choreography was fantastic!

Was it better than Avengers? No. No, it wasn’t. Mind you, Avengers has six different stories interwoven with all kinds of little tidbits and awesome moments… and it had Loki, Banner, and, of course, Tony Stark.  Rogers does a good job of keeping things hopping, and Fury and Nat keep up their end of being secretive and bad-ass… I may not like it as much because none of my favourite characters (See three names above) were in this. But to me, this movie was good entertainment, but not as well-rounded and delightful.
Perhaps I need a certain level of snark to really enjoy a movie. While Rogers does snap back, he’s too honest and straight forward to take on the smart-ass angle.

Was it better than the first Captain America? I have no clue. I didn’t watch the first one.

Am I glad to have watched it? Yeah, I am. But not for Steve. I ended up liking the plot in regards to SHIELD and the new character, Sam. It’s a very good link between Avengers and Avengers 2, because you’ll HAVE to see Winter Soldier to get the full scope of what went down (heh).

Would I see it again in theaters? Nope. I wouldn’t mind getting the Blu-Ray when it comes out, but not the theater.

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Because I realize too much is pushing it…

I’ve been thinking that with all the topics that I touch upon in this blog, perhaps a little less distraction would be a good thing. Perhaps.

So with that in mind, I’ve opened up a tumblr thread to focus on plants. The ones I have, the ones I have lost, the ones that I am wishing for. It’s all very green and leafy. And my avatar picture is of a plant I still have… but definitely doesn’t look the same anymore.

If anyone is curious – here is my plant tumblr/blog/feed/thread.

Go on, click it.

Go on, click it.

Movement: Room to stretch

This isn’t about what you think it is. I promised not to bring that up again, remember? This is me not talking about that.

No, what this is about is financial room, the sheer relief of not living from one payday to the next. I’m looking forward to it. I’m not there just yet, but in about two months, I should be. I just have to reign in my impatience. Continue reading

This… is NOT what I went out for.

The goal of the day was to go out, buy a bra, a few flower pots, and groceries. That was the plan. Well! You know that saying about the plans of mice and men?

The bra was a bust (pun intended); I didn’t like the style I intended on purchasing and the rest… wasn’t as comfortable. The flower pots were uninspiring. The groceries… we didn’t feel like lugging back since it was starting to rain again.

On the other hand, we found a [redacted] to send off with the [redacted]. So at least things were going according to plan for Adam. [The redacts will be explained later... >.>]

Feeling rather ‘Meh’ about things, I ended up going into the local game store. And walked out with: Assassin’s Creed: Revelations, AC:II, AC:III, and Heavenly Sword (when I need to bash things).



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Well, I got a haircut.


The stylist was curious.

The stylist was curious.

The girl at the salon wanted to know what my hair would look like with curls, so she turned the chair around, and went at my hair while I wasn’t paying attention. She has me seriously considering a curling iron. Funny, most of my friends are trying to straighten their locks.

Yes ma, it really is that short. :D

Movement: Interior Organization

Thus far, we’ve been at our new place for one month minus three days; I’m glad to say, it feels like home. A feeling that was further enforced each time we traveled back to the old apartment to clean and realized how very small our last place is–I know, I know, I’ll stop bringing that up. I swear, that’s the last time.

In any case, today, I cracked open the door on my library room to check on the bamboo stalk growing in there (for those in the know, yes, it’s a dracaena). This green giant is testimony to the resilience of its species. Seriously, I am not known for keeping plants alive, yet this plant has never dropped a leaf, has suffered being bent into a car for an hour of travel while it was snowing, and is currently 35″ tall (not counting the original stalk). And it’s just sitting in a vase of water and dirt pellets from the fish tank. Still healthy.

In contrast, there is my bowl of jade plants (literally 9(10?) plants in a bowl of dirt) that I’ve had for about two months now. For the first month, the bunch seemed happy, the leaves firm and secure on the stem. There isn’t much to see when these plants are happy since they grow so slowly. However, I think the move was a shock to them, because leaves started to wrinkle and fall. It didn’t help that I may have over-watered them. See, they are in a bowl, not a plant pot, and there is no drainage at all. I really should have opted for the plant pot, but the Ikea bowl was such a pretty green (I’m sorry plants!).

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