“Taxis are a luxury.”

Yeah, taxi rides really are a poshy way to get around, but I’m actually glad that there’s someone I can hire to drive me to and fro when I have no one else.

See, my ride for the past 6 months has finally called a stop to the lifts. She wanted her own country roads and didn’t feel like going into town anymore. As of this month. She told me midway through August. Continue reading

“That’s it! I’m moving to Sparta!”


When I accepted this job in January, there were three sales guys.

One quit in March, just before I started. The second was fired in May. And now the third is leaving us in a month because he found a better job. I’m sensing a theme here.

Thus we have NO SALES PEOPLE.

On top of that, my co-worker who brought me to this job (and the 37+ mile move) is no longer giving me rides after work next month. Meaning, I either cab it to the closest bus stop (5km/3miles) or walk/bike it (in which case I’m miserable during rain and boned when it snows). I’m not cabbing it home every day ($30) and I’m not getting a car just to stop using it in two months when the office moves. I got bills and a student loan to deal with, I do NOT have the money for a car and everything else it requires.

On one hand, I don’t have to worry about sales. It doesn’t affect me at all. My job is still my own. On the other, I now have an hr and half commute after work to look forward to (bus after work doesn’t go by until an hour after work ends).

I really have to keep in mind that the office will be moving. A LOT of my issues will be avoided if we move into town.

I NEED this office to move.

Why? Because I love my job. I. LOVE. MY. JOB. I don’t want to look for other jobs. I don’t wanna work for anyone else. I can deal with all the other quirks and blunders that come if I can just get to and fro work without resorting to a $100 cab bill per week. Continue reading

They upped the stakes

Earlier, I was whining about the one week wait for my AC and that it was arriving midweek, the peak of the heat wave. Well, someone was itching to show their skills.

I checked tracking this morning at 7am, Canada Post was now saying they would be delivering this today! The Summer gods must have clued in, because they also pushed forward the peak day to, yeah, today. It’s roasting outside at 35C.

And no, the delivery truck hasn’t gotten here yet.


It's on the way!!!

It’s on the way!!!

Clarification of “One-Day Shipping”

Oh this sucks. This really sucks.

Y’know how I said I had ordered an A/C and that I was hoping it would arrive today or tomorrow. Apparently, I had read “One Day Shipping” incorrectly.

ETA Aug 13th

ETA Aug 13th

What it MEANT was “leaves the warehouse in one day, but takes a week to arrive.”

Note that 30 Celsius = 86 Farenheit.

Note the spike.

Clearly, the weather is just making the most of my pre-AC days.