Meet Bruce!

I’m a sucker for plushies, so I’m not surprised that when I walked into a science-themed store, I came away with a toy shark. What I do find surprising is how long I’ve taken to get said shark.


Look at those teeth!

Once I get home, I’m introducing Bruce to Octavious.

I have $6 of pie to eat by tomorrow

According to the ‘best before’ date, this pie should be eaten by the 27 of June 2014.

Adam and I have not been idle in regards to this; we have eaten half of the $12 pie since last Sunday.

Still. There’s half a pie left.

Let me put this into perspective. This pie was bought from Costco.

Very big pie

It’s a foot across!

I’m hoping that this will last at least until Saturday. This is like, perfect weekend ridiculousness.

Yeah, Netflix has me pegged.

I got suckered into signing up for Netfflix – that one more month free was too tempting!

That first night, we watched two movies back to back: Despicable Me & Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. Both excellent shows.

Tonight, it was Percy Jackson: Sea of Monster (rather glad I didn’t buy it) and five episodes of Once Upon a Time.

*Ahem* I’m hooked on fairy tales. Like… wow. The CG stuff isn’t anything to write home about, but the story-telling is just… wow! I love how the writers are fleshing out the characters, both the story version and the current day. Just brilliant. None of them are innocent or wholly evil, and it’s fantastic! Mom had suggested it a while ago, but without any Blockbusters around and a lack of easy-to-borrow DVDs about, I never got into it. Well. Here I am.

BTW, SPN season 1 and 2 and 3 are sitting on the shelf with the first two seasons of GoT. I am such a bad girl.

Speaking of bad–I’ve heard about Hook. Really, looking forward to seeing him on-screen!