Broken weaponry

In a gamer’s world, there’s a term called “broken”. This applies, usually, to a character or a weapon that isn’t actually broken in the normal sense. It’s not that it doesn’t work within the game, only that it breaks the game. For example, SoulCalibur has Cervantes, the undead pirate who wields twin swords. He’s over-powering in a ridiculous way.

In Tales of Symphonia there are a set of weapons called “Devil’s Arms”. On paper (on screen), the descriptions are slightly creepy, but the properties don’t look impressive. What it doesn’t tell you–and never will–is that each time a weapon ends the life of an enemy the strength of damage it deals out rises by one (+1). So the more I kill, the harder I hit.

Basically what I’m trying to say is, I managed to procure four weapons for my eight characters. I’ve been wandering around one single island for hours and only stopped when my controller ran out of batteries.

Boss fights are going to be so easy after a few weeks of this.

On the other hand, in this version of the game I have to put down $125,000 to buy one of the weapons. Right now, I have barely more than $32,000. I’m going to need to kill hundreds of critters just to fund that.

Genis, you better appreciate this.

[Edit: Whoops! I had this slightly wrong. I've got to complete the collection of weapons, kill off the boss, and only then do the perks kick in. Nor does it matter if the weapon did the killing. Just in general. *rolls eyes* I still gotta fund Genis' weapon sale though.]

Back and playing

First off: food poisoning is horrible. I know wiki says that it lasts between 24-72 hours. Bull-friggin-*beep*. To that, I am going to pledge to obey the food expiration date and keep Pepto-Bismol on hand at all times. I hadn’t eaten a decent meal between Saturday morning and Tuesday night.

For those keeping track, yes, it’s been a rough two weeks: I caught a bad cold on the 13th, which lasted until Wednesday; spent two days feeling marginally better; and then got hit with a bad scoop of sour cream that didn’t leave me alone until last night.

For the record, White Spot makes fantastic comfort food, for example: roast chicken, veggies, and mashed potatoes. It was so yummy. I still couldn’t finish it all. But I ate most of it, which is far more than the measly four bites I usually could stomach (I’m so tired of broth).

And then I slept the whole night through. The whole night. Seriously, I didn’t consider that a luxury until I went through three nights in a row waking up every two hours.

But that’s all done and over. Mostly (I still have a random cough).

Tonight was all fun and games. Why? Cuz I cracked open Tales of Symphonia again and went hunting down the women folk. Again. I am on the mission. The mission of all players. To hit on every female possible in two worlds. And get the grand title of Gigolo.

Yes, I’m female in real life. Why do you ask?

picture of zelos wilder

… What?

Hacking clear my lungs


It’s really a cleansing feeling… Each time I cough, there’s another glob that goes out and my lungs rattle and wheeze a little less.

The good thing is that the burning in my nasal passages are gone from Sunday. The chill from Monday is gone. The sore throat from Tuesday is only a memory.

Now it’s just the gunky lungs. And the ever-changing voice pitch.

That and feeling like I’m better off huddled around a hot water bottle (Yes, I called in sick today).

Ugh. I feel like a turd.

I just had to email a friend of 20 years that I won’t be able to make it to her Mexico-get-away wedding, because I couldn’t afford a week away from work that would cost me two grand.

But I’ve been thinking and saying for a year now, that yeah, I can do that.

Well, the last month and a half have clearly shown me how fluid money is.

So no. No, I can’t do that.

Ugh. I feel so guilty.

Taxi-dependant no more!

Can I say that again? I am no longer dependant on the grace of taxis!

My boss asked one of his warehouse guys if he could give me a lift and Greg said he was willing to work it out with me! So we test drove on Friday afternoon, and then today to and from the office. Success!

On the way back today, I brought up the topic of figuring out how much I should give him a week, or a trip, and he said he would work out how many kilometres it was out of his way… I shrugged and asked him if $40 a week was enough. “Sure!” he replied.

Taxi fare is $120 a week minimum.

Good. Deal done. Continue reading