Hacking clear my lungs


It’s really a cleansing feeling… Each time I cough, there’s another glob that goes out and my lungs rattle and wheeze a little less.

The good thing is that the burning in my nasal passages are gone from Sunday. The chill from Monday is gone. The sore throat from Tuesday is only a memory.

Now it’s just the gunky lungs. And the ever-changing voice pitch.

That and feeling like I’m better off huddled around a hot water bottle (Yes, I called in sick today).

Ugh. I feel like a turd.

I just had to email a friend of 20 years that I won’t be able to make it to her Mexico-get-away wedding, because I couldn’t afford a week away from work that would cost me two grand.

But I’ve been thinking and saying for a year now, that yeah, I can do that.

Well, the last month and a half have clearly shown me how fluid money is.

So no. No, I can’t do that.

Ugh. I feel so guilty.

Taxi-dependant no more!

Can I say that again? I am no longer dependant on the grace of taxis!

My boss asked one of his warehouse guys if he could give me a lift and Greg said he was willing to work it out with me! So we test drove on Friday afternoon, and then today to and from the office. Success!

On the way back today, I brought up the topic of figuring out how much I should give him a week, or a trip, and he said he would work out how many kilometres it was out of his way… I shrugged and asked him if $40 a week was enough. “Sure!” he replied.

Taxi fare is $120 a week minimum.

Good. Deal done. Continue reading

The spare room is finally a room

Remember how I mentioned that I didn’t have the Library set up? It’s halfway there now. Yesterday, I took a look inside and went, “Ah bugger it,” and went at it with a screw driver and a vacuum.

IMAG0093-edible wall

But where do the books go?

The room still lacks books on shelves (an integral part of a library), but it does have chairs and shelves with plants on them and the aforementioned pictures are now hanging on the walls.

I’m hoping to get some solid bookshelves in, possibly something that can be wall mounted, but I’m leaning more towards good old-fashioned free-standing pieces. Seeing as I’ve got things on the walls already, I won’t be doing the floor-to-ceiling ideas, though that would be awesome–really awesome–I’m only 5’3″ tall. So unless I buy a ladder to go along with the 9′ shelves, I won’t be reading anything on the top two shelves (Wait, maybe I can stick the recipe books up there). Kinda of a waste of space, ain’t it? Continue reading

I have framed art!

On the way home today, I had the horrible, awful, idea that Wal-Mart might have picture frames. I was pretty sure they did. So, on the way through the mall to get to the bus, I detoured. In I went.

Yes, the store did have picture frames. So many picture frames. In even more variations than HomeSense, which is a dedicated home-decor store.

I stood in front of the racks for a few minutes, then texted Adam. The pictures I wanted to hang, what sizes are they?

Twenty minutes later, I was sitting at the bus stop with three large frames in a bag.

Two hours later, I was home and…

Aren't they gorgeous?

Aren’t they gorgeous?

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New earrings on the way!

For those who are not in the know… and considering very few of my readers have seen me in real life, that’s quite a few… I have several ear piercings. Three in each ear to be precise. The two higher up holes are little ones, the one at the bottom of each lobe is stretched out a little (exact measurements are two pairs of 10 gauges and one 0 gauge).

Now, I’ve only finished stretching to those sizes a year ago, and, as such, my jewellery collection is meagre. Multiple piercings have also given me the unexpected challenge of coordinating two different sizes of earrings. Mostly, I’ve stuck to the simple buy-one-type-for-everything’ method, which has worked, but is fairly boring. So this time, I’ve done some planning.


So shiny!

See, I have these scorpion plugs and a pair of tiny black crystal earrings. I figured, why not continue with the accents? So a few days ago, I ordered in a pair of gold tunnels for the top pair.

Yes, I know—Mom is probably wincing over this post—but they will look so pretty! That and the tunnels will be so much easier to clean, rather than dealing with two sets of gummy crystals.

[EDIT: Oct 7 - They've arrived! And they are so shiny!]