Tank Chat: New tank light!

  1. Yay!
  2. Uh… different light = plants freaking out. Hmmmm…
    1. Anubias drop existing leaves, grow new ones (oh well)
    2. New plants?
      1. wisteria3

        W. Wisteria

        Water wisteria is pretty!

        1. Likes mod-high light (done!)
        2. Needs iron fertilizer…
        3. Needs to be anchored down
          • I got plant anchors!
        4. May need “rich substrate”
          • I got plant baskets, fill those with dirt pebbles…
        5. Can be “anchored” horizontally
          • Oooo… So if I seal the roots in a basket, pin it down… Neat.
      2. Java ferns?
        Java fern

        Java fern

        1. Only in shade… I can do that!
          • Oooo! Put that in Steve’s tank!
        2. No need for fertilizer (even better!)
        3. Easy to split apart for new ones (ah ha! 2 for 1!)
      3. Java moss?
        1. Only in shade…
          • You know what? Never mind. It floats everywhere.
  3. I think I should just get more sand and split the anubias for now.
  4. The second chunk of driftwood should be ready soon!
    1. Yay!

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Tank Chat: Electric Blue Rams (x 2!)

I got new fish!





These two beauties are called electric blue rams. A bit different from regular rams in that both sexes have the same colours; no helpful black or blue dots to give hints. Eventually, when they get older the body shapes will change… but while they are young I can only guess by their fins. Oh, and they really are the same colours, I just used different photo filters (I love Instagram’s UI). Continue reading

Summer Plans

Last year, I said to myself, “Next year, I’m going to see the air show!” Because last year, I was on the bus heading to my parents place for the day and would be missing it.

This year, I’m sitting in my office, fully aware that I don’t have slush funds to afford the gate fee and I’d much rather go watch the new Start Trek movie than watch planes fly around. In 30+ weather.

The air conditioning of a theatre certainly is a deciding factor.

Maybe I can convince Mom to go to the movies with me this weekend.


The letter to write when you don’t get the job

Tank Chat: Tiger Barbs

I love these little guys. They’re like baby mafia.

There are six of them now in my tank: three are green, two are regular stripes, and one albino. I may just call the albino, Hidan. He’s not the biggest of the group, but he’s the only one I’ve seen nip at the tail of the bristlenose pleco. And Snooki is already two inches long (yes, Adam named the pleco “Snooki”).


Click for video! (hosted on tumblr)

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