One rough month

A few things have happened in the last month. Not all of it bad.

  1. First thing, my hours at work were cut from four days down to two. So I went looking for work else where – as of yet, I’ve had one serious interview and no call backs. I’ve made contact with three different job agencies. Still no luck.
  2. Second, fortunately while that was happening, my family decided to cash in an asset or two. And now I’m glad to say, “I have no debt (cept for a good one).”
    I still have my school loan to pay off, but it’s manageable and paying that down on schedule will just improve my credit rating.
  3. Third, connected to the first point, two weeks ago, the girl who stole my hours (and two other co-workers’) was fired for being worse than useless (when other people have to pick up the slack).
    Which means, I have my hours back… and more working half days almost the whole week past.

Regarding less dire and earth-shattering happenings…

  • I ordered Adam’s xmas present (and it’s now wrapped and waiting beside me!)
  • Chloe is climbing up the thermostat on a regular basis (and eating just as often)
  • Steve’s tail fin healed, then got worse than before, and is now on the mend (again)
  • I have finally seen Age of Ultron! (So much fun!)

So. In other words, yes, I’m still alive. Wouldn’t say I’m kicking ass, but hanging in there.

Gah. Seriously. I need a new job.

Steve is healing!

Yeah, I know. This blog has devolved down to a day by day medical journal. I’m not ashamed.

Steve has been in fresh water for a full 24 hours now.


He gave me a fright yesterday though. Seems I took too long setting up the decorations in the tank and fiddling with the new filter; he jumped out of his container and into the bucket of fresh water he was acclimating to! There wasn’t enough dechlorinator in there, so I transferred him over to the second bucket… not bothering to get him back into his bit of salt water. I figured, the first shock was bad enough on his gills. His heater went into the bucket with him to keep things cozy, and then I went back to the filter (friggin motor kicked out such a current). After a while though, I noticed he was very pale, so I finished up the decorations and transferred the heater and the water in – Steve was again momentarily detained in his container (I was not about to put him through a waterfall experience). Continue reading

One sick betta, one happy crab

A few days ago, I added gravel from the community tank into Steve’s. Oops. Turns out there was an over-abundance of bacteria in the used gravel and poor Stevo caught fin rot. So the gravel is now back in the bigger tank and Steve’s going through a regime of salt water.


On the other hand, I’ve discovered Chloe’s favourite treat in the world – even before chicken. Granny Smith Apple cores. Huh.

One-legged stand.

One-legged stand. (She eventually got up there)

Aside from the pets, I’m still searching for work. The Pet Store slashed my hours down from four days to two. Still better than being laid off entirely, but still. Not good.

Not a crab, but a monkey

Since Chloe shed her old carapace, she’s been much more active. She eats all the food I leave out for her (voracious little thing ate her old “skin”) and she’s turned her tidy little habitat into a permanent construction zone. There’s dirt over everything now (I changed her bedding a few days ago from shavings to eco earth).

I’ve held her a few times in my hands since the molt, and she’s much sharper now, what with brand new claw tips and bristly hairs. At one point, Paul reached out and tapped her shell (also tried to gnaw at it) and after I shooed him away, I was pinched for allowing it to happen anyway. Thankfully, Chloe didn’t break skin–didn’t even bruise.

So I think it’s safe to say I have a pretty mellow crab. And a very bored one too.


There’s my little monkey, totally off the floor, clinging to the thermostat. *sigh* Continue reading

Job Applications: Flight School Dispatcher


What the title says: I applied for a dispatcher position at the local flight school.

This could either be my new career (in a geeky way) or I’ll be posting about fiery death from above in a few months.

I think a big part of my possible responsibilities will be making sure the students have all their gear before they leave the tarmac. And the teachers too if I have a Kakashi in the mix.

False alarm still means heart attack

Chloe gave me a fright last night. She hasn’t been coming out to eat or drink (that I’ve seen) and so I’ve been keeping tabs (AKA sniffing) the tank occasionally just to be sure she hasn’t died. Adam keeps joking that I’ve bought a dead crab. You can see where I get the idea.

So last night I turned over some of her bedding and added water, as it was getting dry near the heater. Couldn’t find Chloe. Lifted up the log shelter a bit… OH HOLY HELL! When crabs die… do they fall apart? Because I was looking at what looked like the front half of Chloe… a few inches from her shell where I could see a pale smooth thing that could be her abdomen.

2015-09-24 14.17.58But… the tank didn’t reek like dead crab so…? I took another closer look and realized Chloe had shed. Unfortunately, because she hadn’t been eating anything really, her new shell is very pale. Still. Chloe is alive! Whew. Continue reading

In the interest of paying bills

There comes a time in a girl’s life where she expects more out of life. I think I passed that moment two years ago.

For the past few days, I’ve been applying at a wide-spread of areas: Telus, Cineplex, Red Robins, a music academy; and I’m considering applying at a hospital (they need a scheduler). I’m really not limiting myself to any kind of industry (other than selling products to the industrial companies), and I’m not sure what to think of myself. Continue reading