Day 5: Fry food

There’s a lot of different ideas on the internet about what to feed newly hatched baby fish. Microworms and baby brine shrimp are among the top tier for good quality feedings, and then on the other scale there’s mushed up regular fish flakes and raw egg yolk. Somewhere in the middle is a commercial liquid fry (literally Liquifry) and powdered foods.

I have six corydora fry. Count ’em: 6. I feel rather bad that I’m reluctant to invest in worm cultures and bubbling bottle farms for six fry – one of whom looks like there’s already something wrong with its gut.

I looked for Liquifry – unfortunately work didn’t have it. On the other hand, we did have the powdered stuff… I’m giving it a try. The fry don’t look too interested. I’m keeping in mind that they may be still working off the yolk they came with. If this doesn’t work though, I’m trying egg yolk.2015-09-01 19.16.57

Oh good, looks like at least some of them have been eating. The yellow is the food in their stomachs. The one in the far back that looks particularly round? That’s the problem child. There are four kids in the middle of the picture and two in the very corner. I don’t know what that bit of flotsam is between the two groups. Bit of leaf?

Name’s Chloe


Whenever the crab surfaces (she’s dug herself in again), I’m telling her she’s got a name. Picked “Chloe” because it means green shoot/blooming in Greek. Primarily because I’m really hoping she’ll come out of the dirt eventually. Willingly.

Day 1: Never a dull moment

So enough about the hermit crab (whom I have yet to name), let’s talk about… more fish.

Two days ago, Adam discovered eggs on the side of the tank. Corydora eggs. There were dozens of eggs, but only a few of them were still intact–the rest had been eaten off the glass. It’s a sad sight to see broken egg sacs stuck to the walls.

2015-08-26 15.56.16

Slats on the left, eggs to the right

Not knowing whether these were fertilized or not (I hadn’t realized I had a breeding pair!), I gently rolled them off the glass, onto my finger, and stuck them in a floating breeding box. And there they stayed. Until today.

They hatched! A good turn of events for sure… except the tiny little buggers can wiggle through the slats to freedom.

In any case, I happened upon the scene near the end with still a few fry around. At this point in time, I hadn’t counted them and I still had faith the cage could hold them… Um, nope. Before my eyes, a fry broke out… and got swallowed. This prompted immediate extraction. Continue reading

Happy Crustacean!

Welcome home!

Welcome home!

This crab is well on its way to being spoiled rotten, I swear. First, I bought it a new house because the first log was a log and so rather rustic. The hut it has now is a smooth pale coconut shell with a doorway. It loves the thing. I mean, I didn’t think I could ever say that, but the crab trundles right in and doesn’t bother to bury itself–

Wait. You know what? This is ridiculous. I can’t keep calling it and “it”. It’s demeaning and only shows how lazy I am. One moment…

… Right. That’s cleared up then. Ahem.

As I was saying. She goes right into the new hut and settles down without feeling the need to bury herself under four inches of shavings. Continue reading

And we were doing so well


Hmmm. One of my albino corydoras has gone MIA. You’d think that in a 2ft3 space it wouldn’t be hard to find a white fish that’s an inch long and fairly wriggly. But no, I can’t find it. I’m a little afraid that during the last water change (two days ago) it spooked and got itself wedged somewhere and died. If it did die, the snails and the other fish probably nibbled it down to bones.

Speaking of MIA, the hermit crab has burrowed down into the coconut shavings and I haven’t seen it since Thursday evening. From what I’ve read, it’s normal for a crab to disappear for a few weeks, just to acclimate. Still, it was a relief to see some of the shavings had been moved this morning. At least I know it’s still alive!

Research after the fact

This is what happens when I do an impulse purchase; I don’t really know what I’m getting into. Point in case, the hermit crab.

I’ve done a bit of reading and scouring YouTube for bits of hermit crab info. There’s a few websites out there, one in particular is A really simple looking site, but it’s got more than enough info for me to work off of. YouTube had two good videos (though I’m sure there are more) on caring for hermits crabs and the issues with giving a crab a painted shell. Food for thought.

One of the first things I did after getting the hermit home, was to give it a bath. It wasn’t too keen on that–kept crawling right out of the water container. Thankfully, handling it wasn’t an issue. Sure, it was shy, but it didn’t attempt to pinch me at all. Maybe that’s because at the store, we basically left it alone. I managed to get its feet wet, but there was still a lot of dust. I didn’t want to traumatize the poor bugger too much, so left it at that.

That was yesterday – this morning was more research (habitat building) and other essentials.

At around noon, I decided to go back to work and pick up a few things for my new critter: coconut husk shavings, a heater, a thermostat/humidity reader, and a shell. I ended up with all that and a wooden shelter. However, the only suitable shell we had, was huge!

2015-08-20 16.14.09 Continue reading