Pass me the chocolate, but I’ll pass on the beer


Adam described his latest drink consisting of: dark chocolate, cappuccino, and roasted nuts, with a slightly sweet creamy finish.

That said, he emptied the last of the dregs into the sink, and I remembered he was talking about beer.

My expectations of a creamy mocha went down the drain with reality.

IMAG2459IMAG2460I miss TGIF Mudslides. Mostly because when you ordered the fishbowl size at the restaurant, it came mixed in with a pint of ice cream.

Post-Interview Freak-out

So here’s a friendly reminder: break in your shoes weeks in advance and wash the pants ahead of time.


The shoes are kind of obvious. New shoes are not friendly. I tried to break mine in the day before, but I didn’t realize the rub spots from last night would turn into full scrapes by the time I arrived at the location (shows how often I buy heels). The tiny “low profile” socks slipped right off my heels to curl beneath my instep and the band-aids buckled like wet cardboard under the pressure.

Next time, I’ll bring a couple of extra band-aids. Or… maybe wear nylon socks. I couldn’t find mine (well, I found one–doesn’t count). There are inserts I found later in a drug store… but I have a feeling those would go the way of the band-aids, rolled and peeled.

Still, I’ll be breaking in my new shoes over the weekend and into next week, just in case I get to go for another interview. Wiki’s got some suggestions, but I like this fellow’s advice too. The day between breathers is a good idea!

2.5" of tenacity

2.5″ of tenacity

I just about packed these away to deal with another time. Which is rather dumb of me; may as well break them in sooner rather than later. Continue reading

When the phone rings…


Everyone loves phone interviews, but does everyone know it’s alright to reschedule?

Phone Interviews Done Right!

Phone Interviews: 5 Reasons to Reschedule – Al Smith

Granted, be polite about it, but other than situations with timing, it’s okay to ask for another time. Just remember to thank the interviewer when they call again.

Feel free to form your own opinion on rescheduling, but for myself, this is a good thing. More later!

When writing cover letters…

Don’t ever pull an all-nighter writing one. It doesn’t work.

Or at the very least, don’t SEND IT, until you’ve had a few hours of sleep and another person to check it over.

Yes, I had a bit of a panic session a few nights ago. A family contact managed to land my resume into a big honcho’s hands. My resume. No cover letter. Cue the flailing.

So, I spend all night writing up a cover letter (gotta be from scratch) and referencing a handful of sites with very helpful tips.

How To Write a Cover Letter – a wiki job site from the UK. So useful!

Cover Letter Examples That Will Get You Noticed – by Pamela Skillings

I also ended up flicking through google searches for cover letter examples. Some of them helped clarify a few things those two articles pointed out, some were just good ideas in style. Continue reading

Ruminations on spring greens

So today, I took a pair of shears to the planter in my deck.

With the dead growth trimmed away, I’ve made some discoveries! The thyme is already putting out new leaves, as is the assumed-dead fuchsia plant(!!). The silver ragwort and rosemary are standing tall and undaunted–the warmer weather is probably a relief to them. The firefly heather is still cute and pretty, and now with the old flower stems cut off, it’s mostly green again.

At the end of the previous summer, I was short on flower pots… unfortunately, I no longer have that problem. Several plants didn’t make it through winter, either because they never meant to or I didn’t save them from last year’s frost in time. It’s kind of a good thing? Because now I have pots for new plants! Continue reading

Fish, fish, fish, CRAB!

Vacant lot (for now)

Vacant lot for now)

A few things in this update…

The biggest event: Steve has gone to another home today. But not permanently!

Nico, a co-worker of mine, has offered to nurse him back to his full-finned glory. Despite all that I tried–and the rooibos tea seemed so promising!–his tail fin kept losing the new growth. Nico claims to use only bottled spring water, a better water conditioner, a bigger tank and… I suppose just a better environment. I’ve been rethinking Steve’s tank (2gal), and it’s very possible that’s just too small for a fish.

For now, I’m cycling the tank, using a mini filter and sponges from the community tank. Hopefully, in a few weeks, the tank will be primed and ready and Steve will be able to move in without any issues. Continue reading

Tomo-Chan! (Manga)


This webcomic… oh man. Keep in mind, it’s in Japanese format, so read right to left.

Ch 271 - Tomo-chan wa Onnanoko!

Ch 271 – Tomo-chan wa Onnanoko!

No, Mom. This isn’t a hint or anything.

This manga’s such a treat. It updates basically every day and it’s got this simple four-panel format that just works in terms of pacing. The characters are easy to understand and so very adorable. The story takes its time in telling, but it builds upon itself. And as you can see, the artwork can be a hoot.