When charity probably is not recommended…

I have an anime movie DVD that I don’t want. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a fantastic film: awards and critically acclaimed and all that boot. I just… won’t ever watch it ever again and frankly I’m surprised I ever unwrapped it considering I had seen it while in college.

So, I want to donate it to the local media charity box (books, CDs, DVDs, etc). The thing is… it’s a film called Grave of the Fireflies. Continue reading

Gift Cards are the best!

No seriously, GCs aren’t a cop-out (even though they totally are). But see, the best thing is that when you get one, you’ve got no choice but to spend the money at whatever store it’s designated to. And if it’s to a lingerie store… who am I to disagree? (Thanks Bro!)

Course, Vie en Rose has a bit more than just lingerie.

So soft!

So soft!

I ended up walking out with one grey hoodie and one black pull-over, both ridiculously soft. Continue reading

Adapting to light again


This is just an observation, really. Nothing stupendous or earth-shattering. It’s just… we’re kinda lazy, Adam and I. He’s going to kick me, but oh well.

See, for the past few months, the bulbs in our apartment have been dying out. And for months, we didn’t replace them. So, there’s a hallway that’s always dark, and the kitchen was only lit by peripherals, the bathroom has permanent “mood lighting” and my reading nook is no longer proper for reading.

We have light bulbs, but maybe it’s because they are the wrong wattage or something, but they wouldn’t light up. They work when plugged in my desk lamp, but not the ceiling fixtures.

It’s just today that after much grumbling (on my part), that I bought a box of bulbs on faith they would work. And now it seems, to us, that there is a minor sun hanging out in our kitchen. It is very bright. I offered to remove one bulb, but Adam declined, saying it doesn’t look like our ceiling will catch on fire–which was his only real concern.

I look forward to adding more lumens to our apartment. But, I dread the dust. Those light domes haven’t been cleaned since we moved in. Oh dear.

RIP My Keyboard

Well. let that be a lesson to myself. Never leave the watering can anywhere without emptying it completely. Especially on my desk.

For some strange reason, I was under the impression that the cats didn’t jump up on my desk. Obviously, that’s my mistake. So. One drenched keyboard later (and one unimpressed hermit crab), I’m kicking myself. Continue reading

Inquisition is addicting

So yesterday after work, I sat down to “dabble” in Inquisition for maybe an hour or two. I really only meant to check on a few finished war table missions and get the advisors started on new ones, maybe run around a little bit picking up herbs and metals, and then get on with my day. Yeah, no (I’m not even going to admit what time I shut off the PS4).

There’s just so much to do in that game! I mean, I’m procrastinating in game as well as real life. And maybe that’s saying something that I don’t want to look at too closely, but you’d figure that if I’m dragging my heels in game, I’d have less to do as the the story missions petered out. Nope.

Dragon Age™: Inquisition_20151121171802

… Nope! No time for pest control!

Continue reading

One rough month

A few things have happened in the last month. Not all of it bad.

  1. First thing, my hours at work were cut from four days down to two. So I went looking for work else where – as of yet, I’ve had one serious interview and no call backs. I’ve made contact with three different job agencies. Still no luck.
  2. Second, fortunately while that was happening, my family decided to cash in an asset or two. And now I’m glad to say, “I have no debt (cept for a good one).”
    I still have my school loan to pay off, but it’s manageable and paying that down on schedule will just improve my credit rating.
  3. Third, connected to the first point, two weeks ago, the girl who stole my hours (and two other co-workers’) was fired for being worse than useless (when other people have to pick up the slack).
    Which means, I have my hours back… and more working half days almost the whole week past.

Regarding less dire and earth-shattering happenings…

  • I ordered Adam’s xmas present (and it’s now wrapped and waiting beside me!)
  • Chloe is climbing up the thermostat on a regular basis (and eating just as often)
  • Steve’s tail fin healed, then got worse than before, and is now on the mend (again)
  • I have finally seen Age of Ultron! (So much fun!)

So. In other words, yes, I’m still alive. Wouldn’t say I’m kicking ass, but hanging in there.

Gah. Seriously. I need a new job.