Should be renamed to “The Silent Blog, Occasionally Interrupted” / Fish Tank Obsessed

Because I’m rarely on here? It’s been three months. SO LONG.

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For the low down of what’s taken over my life recently, well that would be the 35 gallon aquarium that a coworker gave to me. A tank and a stand. However, while those were free… everything else my little heart desires for this future piscine habitat is definitely not.

Mar 13

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Reboot in December

Normally, I think of making resolutions for New Year’s. Tradition, y’know? But then, I figured, why wait? It’s just another form of procrastination, and my little resolution of writing everyday isn’t exactly a bother.

Obviously, I’ve fallen out of the habit of writing anything. The only related activity would be a semi-reg grocery list. Sad, right?

So. Let me tell you about our new Christmas tree.

For a long while now, we hardly decorated. A few festive-themed items would make their way up on the bookshelves (bought on a whim that year) and somehow Adam would hang up those giant Christmas stockings, but that’s it. We aren’t grinches about the holiday, but we don’t seem to swing into the spirit either.

The last time we put up a tree was… 2013. That poor tree was packed into a box and it followed along to our new place in Abbotsford. Where it stayed until this year. I’m rather glad fake trees aren’t sentient, because it would have been so very aggravated with us.

fake pre-lit xmas tree

The new tree, unadorned

We went out and bought a new tree yesterday. Took about an hour or so to pick out the tree in the store, despite doing our research online first. The options we had picked out were decent; however, the prices were not true to the website. The tree we had been angling for was now a hundred bucks more than anticipated. Predictably, we were a little flustered by this and began questioning all our choices regarding this endeavor. 


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Cranky old woman, am I?


Call me old-fashioned, but I don’t like the most recent editor for WP. You know, the light blue version? WP has always tucked its various options and toggles away, but this version seems to pack the menus away and archive them. It takes me that long to dig them back up. And I like the dark-grey mouse-over menus and the small fonts. It feels more professional and less like I’m looking at a digital ordering menu from McDonald’s. I suppose it’s meant for a touch screen: big round buttons, friendly fonts, fewer options cluttering the view… or maybe it’s because computer monitors are coming in higher resolutions and this things need to use more pixels to even show up at a decent size in reality.

Meh. I like my WP-Admin editor. The other one is… flaky (how come it doesn’t always edit the post I want when I hit the Edit button?)(or when I click the Edit link at the bottom of a post, it doesn’t do anything?).

Pre-NaNo 2017

I haven’t “attended” for years and the only times I have, I wrote with my best friend Ariel. Going at it alone is a little daunting, but I think it’s something I need to do. I’ve got a few story ideas in my head, none at all fleshed out, but I think NaNo will be good for textual regurgitation. At least it’s out, right? As gross as that bit of imagery is, getting the story, in all its dis-coordinated mess, out on digital paper is better than keeping it in an amorphous mess in my head. I don’t plan on inflicting this said mess on anyone, so it won’t be going up in posts, but I probably will whine and grump here.

So… heads up? 😀

For those who don’t know, NaNoWriMo is a yearly event for writers to enter in a challenge to write a story 50k long in a month. There’s no one who judges or reads the story and the count is done digitally through an online text box.

Tank Chat: Another Betta

Screenshot 2017-08-31 01.14.24

The store called this guy a fire tail. *shrugs* He’s got a very frilly tail, I’ll give them that.  Haven’t named him yet, waiting to see if he’ll survive the week first.

For now, he’s in a cheap fish bowl that’s about 3 gallons in capacity, much larger than his cup, but still not as big as I’d like. Eventually, I’d like to get a 5 gallon tank with nice clear sides. It’s hard enough taking pictures of fish via phone without dealing with textured glass! Continue reading