The fish have staged a coup de tête.

When I first brought home the 5 new tetras, the Big Blue Fish of the community tank took a bit of an exception to their size. See, now he wasn’t the biggest fish in the tank. This resulted in him harassing on of the males and nipping at his fins. The chasing continued on through the night and into the next day.

By the second night, I was getting a little worried, but certain the pecking order would be reestablished soon–Hopefully within a week. Well, something definitely happened… the former head honcho was no where to be found and his second was looking pretty battered.

Oh crap. Continue reading

Got the job!

I’ve been accepted into the Pet Store! And all I did was not run screaming from the back room. Apparently, that’s a test. Mind you, it was stinky and loud and very cramped back there, so I can understand if most people flee from the cages of mice and rats and spiders. And toads. And all the birds. They made such a racket!

But yes! I am in! Which… isn’t saying much. Kinda? We haven’t really cemented any of the finer details such as wage or expected hours or even what days I’ll be available (all of ’em). All I know is that I’m going back to work 10-4 on Wednesday morning, training with the owner’s daughter–who has more piercings than me!

Two male and one female Emperor Tetras

Refreshingly photogenic

As time goes by, the owner will be giving me more hours. I think that’s fair to slowly ease me in and test me out as we go. It’s a very specialized kind of help that he needs–I mentioned they have snakes right? I got to feed those snakes, every one of them. And they all eat live mice. That I had to reach in and take from the cages.
[Roy, if you’re reading this, I told the daughter about Roelien’s snake biting me on the brow. She was amused. Apparently, noses are a bigger target.]
Besides the snakes, they’ve got multiple lizards, who all eat crickets. So I needed to get used to counting crickets in a bag. While they’re squirming around.
The final test was one that I gave myself. I wanted six fish out of a 4 foot tank: three males, three females. Since it was such a picky order, I asked if I could catch them myself. It took me 20 minutes at least and the help of the daughter and in the end only caught five, two of them males. I gave up on the third male because I wasn’t sure they even had three (easy way to tell are the eye colours: blue for boys, green for girls). Continue reading

My fish hate me

Or perhaps they are just traumatized.

I’ve been pretty bad with my water changes lately, and the last one I’ve done was back a month ago. This means the fish aren’t used to the sudden upheaval that happens during a major clean up.

The corydoras really are troopers–they were out and about while I was vacuuming and they didn’t go into hiding at all. However, the tetras… well, it just took them a while to come out.

Since I last spoke about my fish, I’ve lost one neon tetra to the filter intake, but the rest of the fish are still up and active. I think the large red cherry shrimp is killing off his brethren, I can’t find any of the others. And the assassin snails are snacking, but there’s still so many pond snails!

But enough about that! I’m going to the pet store tomorrow for more Emperor Tetras! The ones with the prong fins! And it’s not only me going there for fish – I’ll be pulling a 4 hour shift just to test out the job! That’s right! I might be employed!

The good, bad, and hopeful

So today was eventful.

After a trip to the post office, I finally got around to setting up the home theatre. The receiver still doesn’t think half the speakers are really there, but then still sound comes out of them correctly.

The PS3 is on composite and optical (I only have 5.1 speakers anyway) and the Xbox 360 is still on HDMI. So far, the only issues the PS3 has with composite is a rather jarring blue screen flash that comes up when it loads a game. It’s close enough to a BSoD that I twitch, but it doesn’t seem to be a sign of a failing system. Another strange thing is that the Xbox is much quieter than the PS3. Meh.

Other than that, surround sound is pretty awesome! It’s nice to have it again and I only have myself to blame for leaving the speakers in the box since we moved here a year ago. Continue reading

We have found assassins!

2015-03-28 19.53.09Or rather, at least, Adam has found one assassin snail in a local fish store (one that I haven’t checked since the seven-day betta fish).

My tank isn’t quite overrun with snails just yet, but there are at least five big pond snails, each a good 5mm across, sliming their way around the tank.They seem to be doing a good job of eating bits of food… but I’m also noticing holes in my plant leaves and really, I have four corydoras. I’m covered for bottom feeders.

Which reminds me. Today, I fed the tank a cube of brine shrimp. After a few minutes, the floor was littered with drifting bits of critters. The corydoras were trying to eat the bits, but they ended up being spit out through the gills, leaving a frustrated cory. I thought, well, these will last as long as the frozen blood worms – aka a day or two to vanish. Yeah, no. Within four hours, all the food was gone. So I’ve got some very fat, well fed fish. Continue reading