Job Applications: Flight School Dispatcher


What the title says: I applied for a dispatcher position at the local flight school.

This could either be my new career (in a geeky way) or I’ll be posting about fiery death from above in a few months.

I think a big part of my possible responsibilities will be making sure the students have all their gear before they leave the tarmac. And the teachers too if I have a Kakashi in the mix.

False alarm still means heart attack

Chloe gave me a fright last night. She hasn’t been coming out to eat or drink (that I’ve seen) and so I’ve been keeping tabs (AKA sniffing) the tank occasionally just to be sure she hasn’t died. Adam keeps joking that I’ve bought a dead crab. You can see where I get the idea.

So last night I turned over some of her bedding and added water, as it was getting dry near the heater. Couldn’t find Chloe. Lifted up the log shelter a bit… OH HOLY HELL! When crabs die… do they fall apart? Because I was looking at what looked like the front half of Chloe… a few inches from her shell where I could see a pale smooth thing that could be her abdomen.

2015-09-24 14.17.58But… the tank didn’t reek like dead crab so…? I took another closer look and realized Chloe had shed. Unfortunately, because she hadn’t been eating anything really, her new shell is very pale. Still. Chloe is alive! Whew. Continue reading

In the interest of paying bills

There comes a time in a girl’s life where she expects more out of life. I think I passed that moment two years ago.

For the past few days, I’ve been applying at a wide-spread of areas: Telus, Cineplex, Red Robins, a music academy; and I’m considering applying at a hospital (they need a scheduler). I’m really not limiting myself to any kind of industry (other than selling products to the industrial companies), and I’m not sure what to think of myself. Continue reading

Would you like fry with that?

It’s been a pretty packed few days.

To start, I was having my parents over for the first time here in Abbotsford (a rather embarrassing realization that they’ve never seen this place). So Adam and I cleaned for a solid day before they came over. When my parents did arrive (yesterday), they showed up with a huge amount of dim sum! So lunch was served… on the coffee table in the living room. Because of course we don’t have a dinner table. *shrugs* The crime of being a geek and just eating at the desk or whatever comfiest floor space is close to the significant other. The visit ended with a trip out to my work (pet store) and then making a few rounds through the local Costco. Heh, I suppose it’s for the better we did our shopping after being stuffed full, Costco has a lot of food.

2015-09-14 19.46.44 Besides bringing food, and then buying us more food, Mom and Dad also brought over their old decommissioned fish tank and a couple of coconut shells for Chloe. Setting up the new tank took up my evening after work today–and messed up my corner of the apartment. I had to move a picture, take down two shelves, and displace several binders, but it was worth seeing Chloe ramble around for half an hour. At first, the plan was to put her new home in the bedroom under the fish tank (originally the two tanks and the frame were all together at my parents place). But then I remembered that Chloe is nocturnal. Meaning there would be little clicking claws and random squeals (shell on glass) in the middle of the night. All night. Yeah no–thus why the sudden mess.  Continue reading

Stevo, dude, you’re gonna get fat…

Earlier, I mentioned in a comment that Steve was being a picky eater. That hasn’t changed. However, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t eat. Not at all. It’s just a matter of what.

As of yet, he hasn’t not spat out the pellets I give him. For the most part, he ignores them, but if he’s really hungry, he’ll nom on one, but then pop it back out. Then ignores it, til either I pull it out or it drops to the bottom to become snail food.

My chunky Steve

My chunky Steve

What he does eat, he takes in excess. I’ve read that a betta’s stomach is the size of his eye and that he’ll stop eating when full, somewhere around the two – five minute mark. Steve has yet to follow that rule. He eats frozen brine shrimp or frozen bloodworms till he’s bloated and still begs for more.

I didn’t realize how thin he was when I first got him, but I certainly noticed his stomach when he ate for longer than I expected!

After two days of bloodworms, I’m not sure how I’m going to get him back on pellets or any dry food for that matter. He’s certainly spoiled now.

Day 11: Finned children


Quick update about the fry… I lost a few since the last note. I only have three in the holding container now.

2015-09-06 16.15cThankfully, those three are doing well. The java moss I’ve tossed in seems to make them happy.

They’re so very tiny, but very active.

I don’t want to raise fry again given the choice, but I’ll be honest with myself: I’ll be the first to rescue eggs when I see them again. Goodness knows, I have the materials for them now.

New to the fold

I can be a rather compulsive buyer. I’ll admit that. While most of my purchases are pre-meditated, there are some days that I’ll throw down $10 without much thought. In the case of today, I brought some fish home.

I have been debating on getting another three corys for the tank, whether or not the fry grow up or not. The three adult corys I have are pretty miserable. It doesn’t seem like it, but they are. They look for food, they dive bomb the surface for air occasionally, but that’s about it. There’s no playing, no racing, no chasing. So I got them three more little friends to add to the school. They spent a few minutes swimming all over each other in greeting and then hung out all together. I think the adults are much happier now.

While the corydoras aren’t that compulsive, the betta fish is.

betta fish

Meet Steve (If I ever find a red and gold betta, I’m nabbing him and naming him Tony. Green and gold should be a simple extrapolation from there.). Continue reading