Alternative Mints

This year’s garden has started off with a bang. The grape hyacinths and the daffodils showed up on their own, without much effort on my part (go go for bulbs) and the rosemary and silver dust have survived the snow.

With that as encouragement, I’ve been delving into plants outside of the succulent category!

Latest addition has been chocolate and orange mint plants.

Chocolates on the left, jades in the middle, orange on the right.

I’ve never kept mint plants before so this’ll be a interesting season. Apparently, they are stubborn invasive plants that will take any space they can get, die off in winter, only to rise with a vengeance in spring. Oh yes, and they love sunshine. Continue reading


Tank Update: Review

For those following along with my newest aquarium set up… still no fish. The first stage of the cycle (ammonia) is finally down to a 1ppm of water from where it was an 8 before. However, that’s still too poisonous for a newly introduced, stressed, baby cory.

I’ve been doing some adjustments with the landscaping and a few water changes and despite the gunk growing on the wood, it’s looking pretty good!

On the left, is the first day of set up. The sand has barely settled in and the filters are going full bore. The middle picture is when I “installed” the light one week later… and then there’s today:

March 19, 27, and Apr 10
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Current Status: Doomed and Dazzled (Dirt & Rocks)

Guys, guys. I only recently heard that Etsy sold live plants and today I went snooping. I found an Etsy shop (Amatista) that sells succulents and ships for free to Canada. Yes, it ships out from China, but the reviews are very positive! (BTW, their photography skills are impressive).

Isn’t this just gorgeous?

So while the fish tank is continuing to cycle, I’m poking around at succulent forums and figuring out dirt mix recipes. I have buckets of fine gravel from my fish tanks that I’ve packed away in favor of sand… I could use that! Continue reading

Tank Update: Light! Plants! No fish!

I think the title says it all? Sums it up anyway. The light came in early, by two weeks, and I picked that up on Saturday. Didn’t get around to hanging it until just now, because… well. Had to figure out how to. It’s shorter than the tank, so it couldn’t just sit on the edges. Considering how little I trust it to stay perched there, it’s probably for the best that it’s hung.

For the start of this tank adventure, click here

Voilà. Hung, and hopefully not dropping and/or bursting into flames any time soon. The dropping, I’m not worried about, those hooks hold up heavier pots of plants individually than the light alone can compete with. It’s the fire part I’m a little wary of. I’ll need to find a hanging kit for pictures with those metal wires and screwed in anchors. It’ll be better than plain string in any case.

I’m looking forward to finding plants to put in those hangers. Thinking of spider plants or maybe vines? Most of my plants are cacti, so they tend to grow upwards. Adam is the one who has a vine and that pothos is looking pretty happy where it is. It would need to be a medium to low light plant too since that corner will never have direct sunlight. With plants in those hangers, the light will be better anchored and won’t wobble so much whenever I bump it. Just imagine it, trailing greenery over and around tank. It would be so pretty!

As much as I’d like to be lazy and leave the top of the tank open like this, I know the cat hair and the water evaporation is going to become issues (of varying degrees of irritation). Thankfully, the local hardware store should have acrylic light panels in stock (I couldn’t confirm because sales refuses to pick up the phone). At $16 for a 2′ x 4′ piece, cutting that up into the pieces I need shouldn’t be too pricey. As long as I don’t crack it into useless shards of hate… Hrmm.

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Should be renamed to “The Silent Blog, Occasionally Interrupted” / Fish Tank Obsessed

Because I’m rarely on here? It’s been three months. SO LONG.

Too Long Don’t Wanna Read: Go follow me on Twitter (@Azhwi) if you really want the daily musing that is my life. I’ve definitely started tweeting more often. Mostly with pictures!

For the low down of what’s taken over my life recently, well that would be the 35 gallon aquarium that a coworker gave to me. A tank and a stand. However, while those were free… everything else my little heart desires for this future piscine habitat is definitely not.

Mar 13

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Reboot in December

Normally, I think of making resolutions for New Year’s. Tradition, y’know? But then, I figured, why wait? It’s just another form of procrastination, and my little resolution of writing everyday isn’t exactly a bother.

Obviously, I’ve fallen out of the habit of writing anything. The only related activity would be a semi-reg grocery list. Sad, right?

So. Let me tell you about our new Christmas tree.

For a long while now, we hardly decorated. A few festive-themed items would make their way up on the bookshelves (bought on a whim that year) and somehow Adam would hang up those giant Christmas stockings, but that’s it. We aren’t grinches about the holiday, but we don’t seem to swing into the spirit either.

The last time we put up a tree was… 2013. That poor tree was packed into a box and it followed along to our new place in Abbotsford. Where it stayed until this year. I’m rather glad fake trees aren’t sentient, because it would have been so very aggravated with us.

fake pre-lit xmas tree

The new tree, unadorned

We went out and bought a new tree yesterday. Took about an hour or so to pick out the tree in the store, despite doing our research online first. The options we had picked out were decent; however, the prices were not true to the website. The tree we had been angling for was now a hundred bucks more than anticipated. Predictably, we were a little flustered by this and began questioning all our choices regarding this endeavor. 


Which meant… we looked at other options.  Continue reading

Cranky old woman, am I?


Call me old-fashioned, but I don’t like the most recent editor for WP. You know, the light blue version? WP has always tucked its various options and toggles away, but this version seems to pack the menus away and archive them. It takes me that long to dig them back up. And I like the dark-grey mouse-over menus and the small fonts. It feels more professional and less like I’m looking at a digital ordering menu from McDonald’s. I suppose it’s meant for a touch screen: big round buttons, friendly fonts, fewer options cluttering the view… or maybe it’s because computer monitors are coming in higher resolutions and this things need to use more pixels to even show up at a decent size in reality.

Meh. I like my WP-Admin editor. The other one is… flaky (how come it doesn’t always edit the post I want when I hit the Edit button?)(or when I click the Edit link at the bottom of a post, it doesn’t do anything?).