The good, bad, and hopeful

So today was eventful.

After a trip to the post office, I finally got around to setting up the home theatre. The receiver still doesn’t think half the speakers are really there, but then still sound comes out of them correctly.
The PS3 is on composite and optical (I only have 5.1 speakers anyway) and the Xbox 360 is still on HDMI. So far, the only issues the PS3 has with composite is a rather jarring blue screen flash that comes up when it loads a game. It’s close enough to a BSoD that I twitch, but it doesn’t seem to be a sign of a failing system. Another strange thing is that the Xbox is much quieter than the PS3. Meh.
Other than that, surround sound is pretty awesome! It’s nice to have it again and I only have myself to blame for leaving the speakers in the box since we moved here a year ago. Continue reading

We have found assassins!

2015-03-28 19.53.09Or rather, at least, Adam has found one assassin snail in a local fish store (one that I haven’t checked since the seven-day betta fish).

My tank isn’t quite overrun with snails just yet, but there are at least five big pond snails, each a good 5mm across, sliming their way around the tank.They seem to be doing a good job of eating bits of food… but I’m also noticing holes in my plant leaves and really, I have four corydoras. I’m covered for bottom feeders.

Which reminds me. Today, I fed the tank a cube of brine shrimp. After a few minutes, the floor was littered with drifting bits of critters. The corydoras were trying to eat the bits, but they ended up being spit out through the gills, leaving a frustrated cory. I thought, well, these will last as long as the frozen blood worms – aka a day or two to vanish. Yeah, no. Within four hours, all the food was gone. So I’ve got some very fat, well fed fish. Continue reading

And you thought I was teasing.

I think I’ve put in something like 70 80 hours into Dragon Age: Origins now. The main saved file says 66 hours or so, but there’s been several times where I reloaded to try something different and other times where I just died. Repeatedly. I mean, there are four character profile icons burned into the TV (after an hour of  screen repair–still there).
Continue reading

Not the fish I was expecting

Huh. I’m not sure what to think right now. Kinda kicking myself, but kinda resigned too.

I brought home four emperor tetras… but after adapting them to the tank, I noticed two of them had adipose fins (tiny fin between main top and tail). They were blue/purple emperor tetras.


A very similar fish to what I was imagining, but without the trailing trident fins upon adulthood.



The last two, without the adipose fin, still don’t have a black streak through their tail. They’re all so young, that it’s possible I’ll have a pair of each type, but I doubt it.

Not as expected, but still fun to watch. They seem to like the pirate ship and are far more active than the neon tetras. Certainly faster at grabbing food!

The nitrites are down!

Yo! People!

My tank has finished cycling!

2015-02-11 17.55.24

I’ll give it another night and test it tomorrow morning, but the nitrites may be down for good. Adam says it’s thanks to the snails, but I deny that with all my being.

If it stays as minimal as it does, I’ll pick up a pair of shrimp and a pair of emperors. That’s if the stop still has them. If not, then I’ll cry and mope, and pick up a pair of assassin snails.

I was tempted to get the fish/shrimp/snails yesterday, but the nitrite levels were higher than in the picture, but still lower than four days ago. Wasn’t sure whether it was low because of the 30% water change I did on Monday, so I left it alone.

So–hopefully–I’ll have some tank mates to share with everyone tomorrow. Or Friday. Maybe.