Not the fish I was expecting

Huh. I’m not sure what to think right now. Kinda kicking myself, but kinda resigned too.

I brought home four emperor tetras… but after adapting them to the tank, I noticed two of them had adipose fins (tiny fin between main top and tail). They were blue/purple emperor tetras.


A very similar fish to what I was imagining, but without the trailing trident fins upon adulthood.



The last two, without the adipose fin, still don’t have a black streak through their tail. They’re all so young, that it’s possible I’ll have a pair of each type, but I doubt it.

Not as expected, but still fun to watch. They seem to like the pirate ship and are far more active than the neon tetras. Certainly faster at grabbing food!

The nitrites are down!

Yo! People!

My tank has finished cycling!

2015-02-11 17.55.24

I’ll give it another night and test it tomorrow morning, but the nitrites may be down for good. Adam says it’s thanks to the snails, but I deny that with all my being.

If it stays as minimal as it does, I’ll pick up a pair of shrimp and a pair of emperors. That’s if the stop still has them. If not, then I’ll cry and mope, and pick up a pair of assassin snails.

I was tempted to get the fish/shrimp/snails yesterday, but the nitrite levels were higher than in the picture, but still lower than four days ago. Wasn’t sure whether it was low because of the 30% water change I did on Monday, so I left it alone.

So–hopefully–I’ll have some tank mates to share with everyone tomorrow. Or Friday. Maybe.

There’s a snail in my tank

Here we go again.

I brought home two small anubia plants today for the tank. A few hours after I plopped them in, I found a snail on the glass. 2015-02-10 18.24.11So it’s very possible that my next purchase won’t be fish at all, but assassin snails or yoyo loaches.

In other news, all the tetras are still alive, the nitrite levels are slowly going down, and I’m still working to bring down the temperature (for some reason the tank is always a few degrees higher than what the heater is set at).

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We got a loner…

I checked the tank this evening, after dinner and supper and dessert for the fish. There was one tiny neon sitting in the forest in the back. I’m a little worried.

Fortunately, the water levels are perfectly fine. Ammonia hardly even registers and there’s only a minor level of Nitrite. I’ll have to go to the store for a Nitrate kit, but I’m going there for brine shrimp anyway. I can’t wait to see the neons go nuts over that! Maybe the little one will come out then.

There’s still some chasing going on. A few have torn fins. I’ve already put in a few caps of water conditioner that doubles as scrape sealants, so hopefully this won’t turn into an issue.

If I’ve got good Nitrate levels, I may just get the cherry shrimp this weekend!

2015-02-03 19.59.22

Adding to the crowd…

I ran out to the store this morning and brought back another 4 neon tetras in hopes that the bickering would stop.

Four more to the school!

YouTube link!

In a way, it did. Mostly.

Feeding time is a mass frenzy of darting blue and red lines, but as long as everyone has a bit to eat, they don’t seem to steal from each other.

After dinner, they swam together for a bit, but then split into several groups.

But at least they aren’t actively trying to kill each other.

Wait. No. Stop!


Why are the little fishes fighting with each other? They were schooling just fine until I fed them and then the tail nipping and the break ups started.

Whyyy? You’re neon tetras for crying out loud!

*pouts* This morning I found two skulking around together and Adam saw one behind the ship in the corner. We finally saw the fourth after a few minutes of searching.

I’m gonna stop by the LFS and grab another three tetras and see if that stop the angsty behaviour. I was planning on doing frequent water changes anyway, so a few more fish isn’t going to break the plan. Though the in-fighting certainly has.