I actually drew something!

baby dragon sketch

Rough sketch

Yes! I put a pencil to paper and made lines! Curves even! That connected and … the bone structure makes absolutely no sense.

… I suck at cute things.

The good thing is that when I poke at it with Photoshop, it looks much better. It still looks deformed, but really, when dealing with infants, they appear pretty gimped to begin with. And I’m mostly frowning at the way the shoulder and the wing anchor are definitely not on the same spinal column (I’m not even going to think about how little brain needs to be to accommodate such huge eyes). I would have preferred to show the other wing or even better have a nostril… Ah well.

I knew it wasn’t going to be perfect. The lesson here is to take what I’ve learned here, and apply it for future projects. And not be so lazy with my next sketch. But then I might take so long that I may never upload anything ever again…

Good grief. I’ll just scribble like always.

Finished drawing

I do like the tiny teeth.


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