Chilly day

It’s a chilly day here in Vancouver. But you know what? I’m pretty happy with how this year will go. Oh right, for those who don’t know: yesterday was the first day of the Chinese year of the snake.

Last night saw me and Adam over at my parents place. Mom had really gone all out on the food. There were traditional battered taro root and sweet paste(some kind of gummy semi sweet thing) pancakes, daikon and taro root savory cakes (they have names I don’t remember), sticky rice, prawns, and the ultimate Chinese new year salmon salad (raw fish BTW). 
I think the crowning moment of dinner was Adam’s discovery of my half eaten cabbage. Somehow, a bit of stringy vegetable had created a happy face on the side. I’m not joking. There was a 🙂 on my cabbage. I’d show pictures… but my phone crashed twice in a row trying to take one. I took the hint and didn’t bother after that.
I think Adam is really starting to relax around my folks; his initial delight at finding a smiling chunk of partially eaten cabbage quite steadily devolved to a one-sided dialogue with said vegetable. Out loud. With everyone in attendance.
*rolls eyes* He’s such a goof.

In other news, my computer is running! I had to get another piece of hardware for the internet (my network card wasn’t compatible with new mobo) and eventually I will need to trade the new video card in for a working version (we think card #2 is defunct as well). For now though–It’s alive! Success!

I stepped into TERA for the first time in months, possibly a year. There’s a lot of things that I’ve forgotten how to do–and on top of that, I was taking baby steps with my new game pad (think xbox controller for the PC). Felt like such a newbie… jumping instead of dodging. Ah well.

Currently, I’m scrambling to upload chapters on the fanfic site to appease the impatient readers and waiting for my laundry to finish washing.

And some how I ended up baby-sitting Adam’s wash too. *frowns* Wait… he’s got more free time than I do!



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