Movement: Complete and Definite

So, I’ve found myself a new job. It’s so new, that the position squeaks if it turns around too fast. The company itself is called Target Environmental Solutions, the North American branch off from the mother company in Trinidad. Pretty crazy.

One of my ex-co-workers works there, and she convinced me into joining her with the promises of a better job, a career, and better pay. The first is to be determined through opinion, the second will be a question of endurance, and the third… well, I’ve already been given a higher rate than my present spot at DirectBuy.

Not only am I leaving one job for the other… I am also moving to be closer to said new job (More craziness). We had planned to move this year anyway–ridiculous rent is always a good motivator–so it was just a matter of where. Initially we were thinking just the next city over, but this job requires me to shift base nearly 60km (just over 37 miles) South East. It’s also out in quasi-country/industrial area–Think little town surrounded by fields of food, both rooted and hooved.

I’ve never lived outside of the city proper. I’ve never had a car. I won’t say that I’ve never moved so far away before, because, when I was 19, I moved to from Vancouver to Montreal. Any move within the same province pales in comparison.

Mom’s not too thrilled. Half my co-workers are sad to see me go (the other half completely understands). My friends… well, most of them don’t even know yet. The one who does was completely blind-sided, but he’s willing to pitch in for the move. Adam is willing to come along for the ride. The rest of you internet people… well, it doesn’t really matter does it? 😀

It’s a big scary move, both physically and mentally. Last time I left, it was because the boss couldn’t give me enough hours, and I simply moved on. This time, I’m leaving a full-time job. Willingly and under my own initiative.

What’s funny, is that in the past year, I’ve reconnected with many customers who remember me and now prefer to contact me directly. I haven’t told any of them that I’m leaving yet. At the end of this month, I’m going to be breaking quite a few hearts. Especially, the new customers who only met me for the first time in the past few months.

A few co-workers tell me that I’m always welcome back… that in fact, I probably will be back. I’m not sure whether to take that as a promise or a threat. Some how, I don’t think the boss will hire me back again for a third go.

As to what the actual job is… I’ll be doing paperwork. So much paperwork. Inventory, data entry, quotes, invoicing, orders, mail outs… There’s going to be some phone work, but it won’t be the majority of my day. Or else this will be the highest paying telemarketing job ever. I’m not nervous about the work, in fact, I’m looking forward to doing so much paperwork. I’m rather tired of constantly picking up the phone and finding myself involved with yet another file.

There are quite a few reasons to leave… for example, rent will be cheaper there, the pay is better, the company is smaller, the work is simpler, and there are far fewer customers. It really is a case of ‘work less for more.’ I’m also planning on moving near to a major grocery store and my future co-worker, formerly ex, will be carpooling with me to and from work. Really… even without the raise, living costs would be cheaper.

Ugh… sorry. Looks like I’m getting a little defensive. Since I told work I was leaving on the 7th, I’ve been doing a lot of defending. Every other co-worker had the same question: “What! But why?”

For moment, I’m very excited. Adam and I are going to check out an apartment on Monday. If it is as nice as the pictures show, I’ll just hand over the deposit right there.

Well, that’s all I’ve got for now.
Hope everyone’s V-Day was amusing if not sweet!



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