Scruffing the cat

Not sure if I’ve brought it up here before, but one of our cats doesn’t really trust me. Hasn’t for about all her life. Only recently in the past year has she been calm enough to let me walk past her in the same room. Granted, we shared a mutual sense of scorn for each other; she stayed away from me and I found no incentive in getting to know her. That was our previous balance. Yeah, no more.

In the past two months, our home was infested with fleas. I probably brought them home from work. So. We vacuumed, washed sheets and blankets, sprayed the carpets down, and squirted pesticide on the cats. Or at least we managed to get one of the cats (Paul).

Now, if anyone else out there has more than one cat, they know what happens after that. The other cat(s) sees how miserable the first cat is and stays on alert. Which is exactly what happened.

‘Thulu stayed on the fringes for days after and no amount of coaxing would get her to come close. And so Paul suffered through the meds and she suffered as the only safe food source for the fleas.

And then today happened. I chased her around the apartment after three “friendly” and “subtle” attempts. I swear, she can probably smell the stuff.

In any case, she cornered herself in the bathroom. A quick scruff grab and a squirt, and she was done.

Of course, she yowled the entire time.

In any case. She’s back to hating me (I’m smug), but at least now she’s got a legit reason for it. Adam can continue to be her favourite person, I just want the fleas gone.

Who wants to bet the fleas crawl right off her and come charging after me in revenge for pissing in their wheaties?

Come at me, you pests! I’ve sprayed my socks too! XD

P.S. Who else is so happy the vets lost exclusive rights to selling flea pesticides? Adam don’t have to shell out an arm for the stuff anymore!


2 thoughts on “Scruffing the cat

  1. Sounds similar to my husband’s parents cat. Whenever I walk passed her she hisses. I could be in the living room sitting on the couch and she would enter, look at me, and hiss.
    After a while it stopped bothering me and in a sense became her way of acknowledging me.
    I’d give her a treat. She’d take it and hiss at me. I’d brush her and remove her matted fur – she’d do this weird purr hiss thing…
    Cats are interesting animals and they all have their own personalities.
    I’m sorry to hear you had fleas in your place. Those are never fun… but at least you were able to spray your cats.

    • Oh, that’s interesting! The purr/hiss thing. And definitely, cats will have their say one way or another.
      *shrugs* Felines.
      Thanks for the comment! I look forward to seeing the last of these bugs in the traps I’ve set!


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