Tank Chat: Another Betta

Screenshot 2017-08-31 01.14.24

The store called this guy a fire tail. *shrugs* He’s got a very frilly tail, I’ll give them that.  Haven’t named him yet, waiting to see if he’ll survive the week first.

For now, he’s in a cheap fish bowl that’s about 3 gallons in capacity, much larger than his cup, but still not as big as I’d like. Eventually, I’d like to get a 5 gallon tank with nice clear sides. It’s hard enough taking pictures of fish via phone without dealing with textured glass!

I’ve dropped a few java ferns in there with him, so he’s got something to nudge/hide/glide around. There’s also a betta leaf, plastic leave on suction cup, that he likes to perch on occasionally. Hmm… make that a lot. He’s back there again. Nice and still with a flared tail. After I’ve taken the camera away. *Sigh*

There is no filter for now, as it’s drying out from being cleaned, and while the heater is installed… it’s not plugged in. Temp strip on the side of the bowl is reading 80, which is perfect for bettas. So, no need for the extra juice.


… Half an hour of tumblr later, he’s back on the leaf again. Yeah, I think I done good.

I’ve forgotten how much a young betta loves to flare up at things. His reflection. A light. A plant. A bubble. A droplet. Oh, and anything that moves is suspect. Maybe as he settles in, he’ll get calmer. Perhaps.

Meanwhile, I’ll try to get some good pictures of him. And come up with a name. He’s got an almost purple sheen to his tail, maybe something to do with that?



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