Cranky old woman, am I?


Call me old-fashioned, but I don’t like the most recent editor for WP. You know, the light blue version? WP has always tucked its various options and toggles away, but this version seems to pack the menus away and archive them. It takes me that long to dig them back up. And I like the dark-grey mouse-over menus and the small fonts. It feels more professional and less like I’m looking at a digital ordering menu from McDonald’s. I suppose it’s meant for a touch screen: big round buttons, friendly fonts, fewer options cluttering the view… or maybe it’s because computer monitors are coming in higher resolutions and this things need to use more pixels to even show up at a decent size in reality.

Meh. I like my WP-Admin editor. The other one is… flaky (how come it doesn’t always edit the post I want when I hit the Edit button?)(or when I click the Edit link at the bottom of a post, it doesn’t do anything?).


Pre-NaNo 2017

I haven’t “attended” for years and the only times I have, I wrote with my best friend Ariel. Going at it alone is a little daunting, but I think it’s something I need to do. I’ve got a few story ideas in my head, none at all fleshed out, but I think NaNo will be good for textual regurgitation. At least it’s out, right? As gross as that bit of imagery is, getting the story, in all its dis-coordinated mess, out on digital paper is better than keeping it in an amorphous mess in my head. I don’t plan on inflicting this said mess on anyone, so it won’t be going up in posts, but I probably will whine and grump here.

So… heads up? 😀

For those who don’t know, NaNoWriMo is a yearly event for writers to enter in a challenge to write a story 50k long in a month. There’s no one who judges or reads the story and the count is done digitally through an online text box.

Me? I’m Helen Parr.

At least, I feel like her. If anyone twigged on that reference, I’m talking about the start of the movie, The Incredibles, when Helen unpacks the last box from the last house move. Which happened three years ago.


I just unpacked the last of my books. Granted, I had to rebox some textbooks because I don’t have enough space, but the physical opening of boxes had happened. Which is not to say that all of our belongings have been unboxed and assembled. Somewhere, in one of the boxes, are a pair of ulaks. *shrugs*


I suppose, I could treat this as my subconsciousness settling down. The move into Abbotsford always had a temporary feel to it. Not because I wanted to move again; rather, I had to adjust to constant change. There was the new job (that brought me to Hicksville), then there was the next job (when that high-risk career-move fell through), then the job after that (since I needed a better income), and finally another job where I am currently (because goddamnit I want something decent not just desperate). I moved here in March 2014 and I have changed jobs three times since then; it’s been… trying these past few years (to put it nicely).

So, here I am. Settling. Three years, five months, and some weeks later.

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Tank Chat: New tank light!

  1. Yay!
  2. Uh… different light = plants freaking out. Hmmmm…
    1. Anubias drop existing leaves, grow new ones (oh well)
    2. New plants?
      1. wisteria3

        W. Wisteria

        Water wisteria is pretty!

        1. Likes mod-high light (done!)
        2. Needs iron fertilizer…
        3. Needs to be anchored down
          • I got plant anchors!
        4. May need “rich substrate”
          • I got plant baskets, fill those with dirt pebbles…
        5. Can be “anchored” horizontally
          • Oooo… So if I seal the roots in a basket, pin it down… Neat.
      2. Java ferns?
        Java fern

        Java fern

        1. Only in shade… I can do that!
          • Oooo! Put that in Steve’s tank!
        2. No need for fertilizer (even better!)
        3. Easy to split apart for new ones (ah ha! 2 for 1!)
      3. Java moss?
        1. Only in shade…
          • You know what? Never mind. It floats everywhere.
  3. I think I should just get more sand and split the anubias for now.
  4. The second chunk of driftwood should be ready soon!
    1. Yay!

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The letter to write when you don’t get the job

The static is deafening

If the title isn’t enough of a clue: I haven’t heard back since my last interview.

Now, in my opinion, two weeks of silence is a sign they hired someone else. I don’t know of anyone who got the job so long after the “we’ll call you back” date. On top of that, I’ve been holding off from asking because I don’t want to be a bother.

However, this evening my inside contact is urging me (again) to follow up. Apparently, it’s now down to showing my continued interest and tenacity.

So. I’ve put together a formal email and scheduled it to go at quarter to 8 in the morning. Not to the head honcho, who is coincidentally on a business trip, but the assistant (who liked me). I don’t know if this will get me black-listed, but I have no expectations at this point (other than a “you’re hired!” or “we’re sorry” answer).

For anyone who curious what my email looked like, I used the template from here. It’s definitely not in my voice, but if I’m going to pester, I may as well be rigidly polite about it.

And now… I’m going to go back to writing about dragons and missing kids. Cheers.

P.S. Remember that quiz I did for them? That specific psych exam has apparently been debunked as useless a few years back. Huh.