Tank Chat: Winter is coming

As much as Bucky is known for being the Winter Soldier… the fish version will not survive the cold. Thus, the heater. And because I couldn’t help but add to the sudden changes, I’ve added a filter as well.

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Tank Chat: Hey, Bucky!


I don’t know why, but whenever Adam comes up with a name, it tends to stick. I’ve given up trying to defy it.

“Why Bucky?”

“Because he’s replacing Steve.”

Ouch. And yet. What can I say? He is a little frosty.

Tank Chat: Another Betta

Screenshot 2017-08-31 01.14.24

The store called this guy a fire tail. *shrugs* He’s got a very frilly tail, I’ll give them that.  Haven’t named him yet, waiting to see if he’ll survive the week first.

For now, he’s in a cheap fish bowl that’s about 3 gallons in capacity, much larger than his cup, but still not as big as I’d like. Eventually, I’d like to get a 5 gallon tank with nice clear sides. It’s hard enough taking pictures of fish via phone without dealing with textured glass! Continue reading

Stevo, dude, you’re gonna get fat…

Earlier, I mentioned in a comment that Steve was being a picky eater. That hasn’t changed. However, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t eat. Not at all. It’s just a matter of what.

As of yet, he hasn’t not spat out the pellets I give him. For the most part, he ignores them, but if he’s really hungry, he’ll nom on one, but then pop it back out. Then ignores it, til either I pull it out or it drops to the bottom to become snail food.

My chunky Steve

My chunky Steve

What he does eat, he takes in excess. I’ve read that a betta’s stomach is the size of his eye and that he’ll stop eating when full, somewhere around the two – five minute mark. Steve has yet to follow that rule. He eats frozen brine shrimp or frozen bloodworms till he’s bloated and still begs for more.

I didn’t realize how thin he was when I first got him, but I certainly noticed his stomach when he ate for longer than I expected!

After two days of bloodworms, I’m not sure how I’m going to get him back on pellets or any dry food for that matter. He’s certainly spoiled now.

New to the fold

I can be a rather compulsive buyer. I’ll admit that. While most of my purchases are pre-meditated, there are some days that I’ll throw down $10 without much thought. In the case of today, I brought some fish home.

I have been debating on getting another three corys for the tank, whether or not the fry grow up or not. The three adult corys I have are pretty miserable. It doesn’t seem like it, but they are. They look for food, they dive bomb the surface for air occasionally, but that’s about it. There’s no playing, no racing, no chasing. So I got them three more little friends to add to the school. They spent a few minutes swimming all over each other in greeting and then hung out all together. I think the adults are much happier now.

While the corydoras aren’t that compulsive, the betta fish is.

betta fish

Meet Steve (If I ever find a red and gold betta, I’m nabbing him and naming him Tony. Green and gold should be a simple extrapolation from there.). Continue reading

Remember that post about Clarity?


Yeah, the unfortunate unnamed betta fish passed away this morning.

I’m still not sure why, thus my title reference to things being rarely clear. I did a water change (yes, treated the water), plugged in the new heater (yes, it turns on), and from then on, he refused to eat, clamped down tight on his fins, and rarely left the back corner of the tank. That was Saturday morning.

So the poor fellow is now gone.

I’ve since then put the fish to rest and dismantled the tank. I’m going to put betta-owning on a back-burner for a while. Maybe just try growing plants and moss for a shrimp tank. Another alternative is to drop in a few guppies in the 20 gallon and watch them multiply.


Seriously. That was the fastest a fish has ever died on me (6 days).