Pre-NaNo 2017

I haven’t “attended” for years and the only times I have, I wrote with my best friend Ariel. Going at it alone is a little daunting, but I think it’s something I need to do. I’ve got a few story ideas in my head, none at all fleshed out, but I think NaNo will be good for textual regurgitation. At least it’s out, right? As gross as that bit of imagery is, getting the story, in all its dis-coordinated mess, out on digital paper is better than keeping it in an amorphous mess in my head. I don’t plan on inflicting this said mess on anyone, so it won’t be going up in posts, but I probably will whine and grump here.

So… heads up? 😀

For those who don’t know, NaNoWriMo is a yearly event for writers to enter in a challenge to write a story 50k long in a month. There’s no one who judges or reads the story and the count is done digitally through an online text box.


NaNo: Day 26 – Over 100k!


Over 100k!

I won’t claim that it all makes sense, but I’m glad that our minimum is met. We still need an ending, but we’re getting to that.

What really delights me is that the song that Ariel and I have claimed as our song came on while we were writing the pivotal scene between our two characters. It’s called Build a Bridge by Limp Bizkit. The song, not the kiss. Anyway. 

Yes, very happy. Finally! These two can work together as opposed to fighting. Well, they will still argue. And fight. But at least the whole misunderstanding crap is out-of-the-way!

And I didn’t even have to get my character to beat up Ariel`s character to get to this point. I think that`s a good thing.

Early morning tomorrow! More writing!

NaNo: Day 21 – SICK DAY

I like work. I do. But bloody hell. A co-worker came in, sick as a dog. I already had a ticklish throat. We sit next to each other.

I caught Magdalena’s cold. That’s right Mags, I’m blaming you. *sniff* She makes absolutely delicious cabbage rolls though. So, she’s forgiven because she shared them with me. Continue reading

Withdrawal 2


I had a dream last night. Adam was playing TERA on my resurrected computer. I was amazed that all the details were so sharply rendered. Adam just replied, “It’s always like that.”

Next thing I know, we’re wandering through a game shop; I’m looking at TERA expansions and kitsune plushies.

Last few days have been rough on the writing front. Lack of sleep, stress, and just general stumbling blocks have slowed us down. However! I believe we’re now back on the proverbial horse. Behind on our goals, but the weekend will give us lots of time to write. No other occasions to hinder us.

[EDIT Nov 10: The next day, I am reminded that it is Thanksgiving in America. D’oh!]


National Novel Writing Month

Ariel and I are participating, together as a team. What does that mean? I will be posting things more or less haphazardly (no change), there may be more stress involved (possibly), I will be very excited (as I am now), and posts may be scarcer (maybe). I have heard various warnings about writers going into hermit mode for this event, so this should be interesting. Continue reading