This, ladies and gentlegeeks, is where I will tend to ramble about anything and everything. I will try to keep things as interesting as I can, as it is an exercise for myself as well. Frequently, you may notice references to the other blogs that I keep or the fiction (fan or otherwise) websites. I do so love to pimp out my written works.

Really, feel free to leave comments, since like any other writer I love feedback. I wouldn’t say that reviews make my world go ’round, but it certainly does spark my interest.

Another note, grammar wise, these posts will be lax. I don’t mean that I will make tons of spectacular mistakes, only that contractions, *actions*, and exclamation marks will make their way into my writing. I like using them. And this is my casual blog.

That is it! I hope you enjoy what you find here. I certainly had fun writing it all.

[Edit: March 24, 2012]
Well… this is a little embarrassing; I just realized that in all my posts, links, quirks, and quips, nowhere on this blog does my name appear. Until maybe a few days ago when I added Goodreads to the sidebar.

I’m not sure if it’s online paranoia or anything subconscious, but it has completely slipped my notice. I’ve got a hundred or so poor deluded little souls following me, and I’ve barely given out my name.

Hi, my name is Joanna Yuen. Nice to meet you and all that.

This blog started off as a personal journal, and the only people that knew of its existence were friends who had either had journals before me and convinced me to sign up (looking at you, Johnny) or were friends who I had personally given the link to.

Before anyone goes haring off to the archives, I’ve blocked the first seven years off to my eyes only. *winces* I was a regular whiner those years.



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